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Joining the Cheshire Academies Trust (CAT) presents a wealth of opportunities for schools aiming to enhance their educational provision and collaboration between staff, schools and communities. 

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1. High-Quality and Inclusive Education: CAT is committed to inspiring hearts and minds through care, collaboration, and creativity. This ethos underpins our strategic aim of providing a high-quality education that is inclusive and tailored to the needs of all pupils. By joining the Trust, schools become part of a community that values uniqueness and strives to empower every child to achieve their full potential. The Trust leverages a talented School Improvement Team, which includes a School Improvement Director and a Curriculum and Research Director, ensuring that educational excellence is at the forefront of each school's journey. 

2. Professional Development and System Leadership: CAT offers extensive professional development opportunities through the Cheshire Leadership & Teaching Alliance (CLTA). This includes a comprehensive suite of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), the 'Learning without Limits' programme, and system leadership training that supports the development of expert teachers and leaders within the Trust. This focus on continuous professional growth ensures that teaching staff are well-equipped to deliver outstanding education and lead innovative school improvement initiatives. 

3. Strategic Governance and Operational Support: CAT places a high priority on strategic governance and operational effectiveness. The Trust offers robust support in areas such as finance, human resources, estate management, and governance, ensuring that schools operate efficiently and effectively. The Chief Finance and Operations Officer oversees capital development programmes and supports schools throughout the academy conversion process, while the Governance Director ensures that schools receive high-level guidance and support. 

Schools interested in joining the Cheshire Academies Trust are encouraged to engage with the Trust's CEO, Steve Ellis, to discuss the alignment of values, the strategic benefits, and the process for becoming a part of the Trust. They can reach out directly via email at or by phone at 07710849355.


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