CAT Curriculum Design

CAT Curriculum Design

CAT Curriculum design

The design principles for our academy curricular are drawn from the best research across the world. We have carefully formulated these elements so as not to hinder the innovation, free thinking and autonomy of our leaders because they know what is best for their children and their communities. However, in order to create a connected curriculum, several design elements have been considered to be part of an exceptional primary curriculum. The overarching principles (our ‘why’) have been adapted from the Expeditionary Learning Approach.

The ‘why?’

Contribute to a Better World
Children at CAT academy must put their learning to use as active citizens, working for social justice, environmental stewardship and a healthy, equitable community. This outcome is a key goal of curriculum development.

Effective Learners

Children become effective learners who do more than they think possible, developing academic mind- sets and skills for success in school, and to lead a flourishing life.

Ethical People

Children become ethical people who treat others with respect and compassion and have the courage to stand up for what is right – and who have an ethic of everybody.


Children develop a larger sense of purpose through engagement in challenging and meaningful learning expeditions. This includes working with experts, field trips and finishing with a high quality legacy product. They take on work that matters to them and sometimes, for their local and wider community.


Children have agency at CAT academy– they are empowered to take responsibility for their own growth and act as leaders with their peers. Children are active citizens, standing up for equity in their team, across school and in their community.


All children need a sense of belonging as a valued part of any inclusive school where children can bring their full identities to their class and school. This is a fundamental human need.

The ‘How?’

Compelling Curriculum

We design a compelling curriculum that inspires and pushes children to grapple with demanding, meaningful content and produce high quality work; master national standards; elevate collaboration and revisions to work; prepare children to be successful and lead a flourishing life.

Deeper Instruction/Expert Teaching 

Teachers implement deeper instruction through sequenced lessons that challenge, engage, and deepen knowledge in consequential work. Teachers embrace high standards for both academic learning and character.

Child-Engaged Assessment

Children become active leaders in their own learning through our child-engaged assessment model. They track progress towards final outcomes and standards and daily learning targets. Children and teachers frequently review and act on feedback and children regularly present evidence of their achievement and progress to a range of audiences.

Crew (Collaborative) Culture
This references Kurt Hahn (Outward Bound and Harvard University) statement.

‘We are all crew, not passengers’.

Children within a CAT academy work as a team for the common good in the school. A crew/team/house culture is developed in specific intentional structures, rituals, norms, as well as a larger spirit of goodwill. Social, emotional and academic skills are fostered together within and beyond the classrooms.

Empowering Leadership with Expert Teachers

Leadership is the enabler that will improve standards and create the conditions for expert teachers to thrive. The decisions we make as leaders determine the standards we drive and that which we accept. The quality of our senior teams through to middle and subject leadership determine and are responsible for the quality of provision across each academy.


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