CLTA Training Purpose

CLTA Training Purpose

CLTA Training - A Cheshire Academies Trust Training Hub

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At CLTA training, we are committed to embodying the core values of Cheshire Academies Trust, with a steadfast focus on providing high-quality and inclusive education. Our vision at CLTA is to provide the highest quality professional develop inspiring teachers and support staff to ensure chidlren recieve the best possible education.

Our purpose at CLTA is to deepen the impact of education through expert teaching and collaborative learning. Recognising the transformative power of outstanding professional development, we invest in our staff, offering them opportunities to learn from the finest educators within and beyond our Trust. This initiative is grounded in the belief that all children, especially those facing disadvantages, benefit immensely from effective teaching. Our commitment is to continuously evolve and adapt our teaching and pedagogical practices based on the latest educational research, aiming to set new standards in educational excellence.

 At CLTA, we believe that leadership is the catalyst for educational excellence. Our commitment extends to fostering free-thinking, creative leadership that elevates standards and cultivates an environment where expert teachers can excel. We focus on building leadership capacity at all levels, supported by our system leadership programs, Trust knowledge hubs and communities. Our approach is holistic, encompassing curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment, ensuring that the intent, implementation, and impact of education are seamlessly aligned. This dedication to leadership and pedagogical development is central to our mission of delivering outstanding education across the Trust​ and inpsiring professioinal learning. 

As a strategic partner of the Cheshire Teaching School Hub and the University of Chester, CLTA is dedicated to delivering superior training and professional development for educators and leaders at every career stage, whilst also contributing to the improvement of educational standards through school-to-school support.

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Initial Teacher Education "Embark on your teaching journey with our comprehensive Initial Teacher Education program. Designed in collaboration with leading universities, it offers a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, setting a strong foundation for a successful career in education."

Early Career Framework "Our Early Career Framework provides essential support and development opportunities for Early Career Teachers and Mentors. Focused on practical skills, classroom management, and pedagogical strategies, it aims to ensure a smooth transition into the teaching profession."

National Professional Qualifications "Advance your career with our National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). Tailored for educators aspiring to leadership roles, these qualifications focus on developing the skills necessary for effective school leadership and management."

School Improvement Services "Enhance your school's educational outcomes with our School Improvement Services. Led by experienced advisors, we offer bespoke support to help schools identify areas for improvement, implement effective strategies, and achieve excellence in teaching and learning."


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