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Emily Armstrong Image

“Working with Cheshire Academies Trust has offered numerous benefits for our teachers and leaders at Bexton. The collaboration opportunities across our schools have provided valuable support and opportunities to share best practice which, in turn, has improved learning outcomes for our children. But most importantly, we are working with a fantastic group of people who are passionate about doing the right thing for children, making sure everyone achieves their full potential in their own unique way.”

Emily Armstrong- Headteacher at Bexton Primary School

Jennie McAleny Image

“Being part of CAT is such an exciting opportunity for our school. It is refreshing to join a trust which values uniqueness, cares deeply about its staff and promotes collaboration. There is no doubt joining CAT will strengthen and enhance our whole school community.”

Jennie McAleny- Headteacher at Gayton Primary School

Jon Lenton Image

“Being a new headteacher, I have found numerous benefits to working within Cheshire Academies Trust. I am able to tap into a wealth of expertise, resources and support from other school leaders and professionals, which has helped to improve teaching and learning outcomes within my school as well as develop and refined my own leadership practice. Additionally, the sense of community and shared vision amongst those within the trust creates a positive and empowering environment in which to work for both staff and pupils, which I believe is essential for fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth. I enjoy working within our trust because it allows me to collaborate with like-minded professionals who are dedicated to providing the best education and opportunities for the children under our care.”

Jon Lenton- Headteacher at Boughton Heath

Simon Cotterill Image

“I feel lucky to be part of a trust that values autonomy, that celebrates all schools being different. I could not wish to work with a more supportive, friendly and forward thinking team. Our school is a better school having joined CAT.”

Simon Cotterill- Headteacher at Manor Park

Alison Hulley Image

“As a new member of CAT , the opportunities for both challenge and support are exciting. Working alongside CAT schools, which share the same values as Gayton, has already proved to be invaluable.”

Alison Hulley- Gayton Primary School

Anita Gore Image

“The CAT framework promotes synergy and support between the SBM team, in addition, the Central Team are an exceptional asset and I'm lucky to be part of such a future-focused organisation.”

Anita Gore- Gayton Primary School

Kate Doyle Image

“As Principal of Mill View Primary school, I feel supported, motivated and professionally challenged by our Trust to do the very best job possible for our staff and the fabulous community we serve. Training opportunities, collaborative hubs, investment in resources, well established and innovative systems and excellent school support systems mean that every member of our team has the skill and ambition to provide the very best education for all. An education that really does inspire hearts and minds.”

Kate Doyle- Headteacher at Mill View

Each school in our Trust is unique. They serve unique communities and always retain their individual identity

Manor Park School
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