SEND Strategy

SEND Strategy

Our vision for a inclusive education at all levels


CAT truly understands the meaning of inclusiveness at all levels. It understands to be included can mean to aim for the same, it understands that inclusiveness can mean to be different, it understands inclusion can strive for all to work together and it understands that it can also mean to work separately.

The Central Team

CATs vision is to ensure SEND expertise and collaboration at all levels. Integral to this is the development of the Trust’s current Central Team to ensure SEND is represented at all levels and that all schools within the Trust have access to the expertise of the Central Team.

SEND – Special Schools Vs Mainstream Schools

CATs vision is to create an inclusive MAT which recognises that SEND can mean many different things across each sector but that there is much overlap. CATs ambition is to develop a MAT which continues to see Special Schools as the unique provision that they are, which acknowledges that SEND in a Special School is different to that in a Mainstream and that there are areas where the schools can work together, areas where the schools can advise and support each other through approaches such as the SEND hub and areas where the different sectors need to be seen as just that; different.

The ‘Overlap’

CATs vision is to develop a Trust which truly meets the needs of all of its schools but where the Trust remains as one; as a team. Current approaches such as Strategy Days, Subject leads, curriculum hubs and CPD offer will be developed to look at where approaches needs to be separate for each sector and where there is overlap in the provision such as curriculum sharing, strategy sharing and leadership development.


  1. Dignity not deficit:

At Cheshire Academies Trust, we view difference and disability as normal aspects of humanity. Our approach to education, especially for children with SEND, is characterised by dignity and high expectations, not by a perception of deficit or medicalisation. We will ensure that every child is seen as an individual within the broad spectrum of humanity, deserving equal value and respect. Our goal is to create an inclusive learning environment where diversity is celebrated and the unique abilities of each child are recognised and nurtured.

We envision a Trust where the focus shifts from what children with SEND can't do to celebrating what they can achieve. This involves integrating adaptive technologies, instruction, and individualised support plans tailored to each child’s unique abilities. Our inclusive practices will extend beyond the classroom, ensuring that all school activities, from sports to arts, are accessible and welcoming to pupils with diverse needs.

  1. Greater complexity merits greater expertise:

We believe that every child at Cheshire Academies Trust deserves a high-quality education. Recognising the special needs of some students, we are committed to providing expert and specialised support to ensure that these students thrive. Our focus will be on attracting and training educators who view teaching children with special educational needs as a prestigious and rewarding responsibility. We will foster a culture where expertise in SEND is valued and seen as essential to our educational excellence.

We aim to create a network of expertise within the Trust, where schools can collaborate and learn from each other’s successes and challenges in SEND education. Regular workshops, seminars, and peer mentoring will be integral to our strategy. This will not only enhance our teachers' expertise but also ensure that our students with SEND receive the highest quality of education and support tailored to their individual needs.

  1. Different but not apart:

Our vision is to build an inclusive society where children with different learning needs grow up together, learning from and with each other. We aim to normalise encountering and embracing difference, thereby fostering a more inclusive and understanding society. Our schools will be model environments where integration and mutual respect are the cornerstones of our educational approach, ensuring that children with SEND are not segregated but are integral members of the school community.

  1. Success in all its forms:

At Cheshire Academies Trust, we recognise that success comes in many forms and celebrate a wide range of achievements. Our educational philosophy extends beyond academic performance to include various forms of participation and accomplishment in society. We aim to foster an environment where every student's unique talents and achievements are recognised and valued. Our approach is to ensure that every child feels successful and is motivated to reach their full potential, regardless of their learning needs.

  1. Action at all levels:

We understand that meaningful change in inclusion requires action at all levels. At Cheshire Academies Trust, we empower every member of our community, from school leaders to teachers, to actively contribute to advancing inclusion. Our strategy involves continuous training and development, ensuring that our educators are equipped with the best practices and knowledge to support learners with SEND. We are committed to creating a culture where inclusion is seen as everyone's responsibility, fostering a collective effort towards a more inclusive and equitable educational environment.



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