Grow Expert Teachers

Grow Expert Teachers

CAT 7C Model

This is code developed from John Hattie’s[1] research and Harvard University[2]. It is used for all aspects of teacher development including appraisal but it is a coaching model in order to grow expert teachers. We use this teaching development process to retain, recruit harness teacher expertise.



Personal Support

Curricular Support

Academic Support

Cultivating teacher-student relationships and a classroom climate where students feel valued and welcomed

Teaching in ways that make the curriculum engaging, accessible, and coherent

Fostering classroom conditions that require students to stay focused on achieving their full potential





Experty teachers create the optimal classroom climate

  • Trust is generated systematically
  • Errors are not mocked
  • Everyone gains a reputation for being an active learner
  • Children feel that their Expert Teacher care about them.



Expert teachers enact their passion for learning.  

  • Teacher has observable levels of enthusiasm and commitment to every child
  • Teacher demonstrates an absolute love of what they do




Expert teachers believe all children can reach the learning outcomes.

  • Insist that students persevere and do their best work
  • Press for rigorous thinking
  • Press for quality work
  • Press for persistence



Expert teachers’ classes have high levels of child questioning.

  • Children know that their contributions are valid and are actively used in the classroom
  • Children frequently speak up and have ideas
  • Peer learning is understood and well embedded with children working collaboratively in teams








Expert teachers identify the most important ways in which to represent what is to be taught when they plan

  • Teachers do not have more subject knowledge but they do organise and do things differently
  • Teachers use a more integrated approach, looking forwards and backwards, understanding and sharing the big picture
  • Teachers anticipate when children will make mistakes and plan what they will do
  • Teachers explicitly share reasons for learning, revisiting, practicing
  • Teachers understand that stories and example cases tend to be remembered better


Classroom Management

Expert teachers have a very high regard for all children.

  • Foster orderly, respectful, and on-task classroom behaviour
  • Manage activities
  • Manage behaviour











Expert teachers are excellent seekers and users of feedback.

  • Teachers actively seek out negative evidence
  • Teachers focus on children re-conceptualising what they know
  • Teacher anticipate when interest is waning then adapt
  • The typical lesson though well planned seldom goes according to plan




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