Join our Trust

Do you wish to collaborate with like minded professionals and learn together as a team committed to providing great experiences for children?

We are always very happy to hear from those who wish to join the CAT family or simply learn a little more about us and what we do.

We strongly believe that carefully growing CAT will have significant benefits for the children and staff in both converting academies and our existing CAT academies. We welcome all enquiries from schools who share our ethos and culture. Academies in our Trust benefit from:


Strong collaboration, with shared accountability, leads to better progress and attainment for our pupils and support our academies to meet rising expectations.


· School leaders and teachers network to share thinking, planning, best practice, learning from each other and tackling challenges together

· Governors coming together to share strategic thinking, to combine skills and to support each other during challenging times

· Pupils within CAT work together

· Support staff come together to share expertise and challenges

· Opportunities for parent involvement are shared and supported more effectively


Recruitment and retention

Sharing approaches to recruitment and retention across our Trust, enables our academies to find different and flexible solutions to recruitment challenges, and where appropriate opportunities to share leaders, teachers and other staff. CAT invests in a collaboration fund that enables a programme of development that supports all staff. CAT school leaders have wider career progression opportunities and CAT is able to ‘grow its own’ future leaders through talent management programmes. Staff are given the opportunity to undertake secondments and experience new roles and responsibilities across the Trust.


Professional development

Shared professional development at all levels, including leadership development programmes, whether led by staff from one of the Trust’s academies or an external organisation.


Economies of scale and financial efficiencies

With financial weight comes better purchasing power. The economies of scale and collective purchasing made possible within our Trust help our academies cope better with reducing budgets.


Centralised support structure

The Trust’s support structure, time and expertise allows Principals and Chairs of our Local Governing Boards to maintain a strong focus on teaching and learning and improving outcomes for every pupil.


Come and chat to see what we do...

If you would like to arrange a conversation with a member of our senior team to learn more about Cheshire Academies Trust please contact the CEO Steve Ellis at 


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