SEND Learner Strategy

SEND Learner Strategy

CAT SEND Learner StrategyOur lens: our SEND benchmark

The starting points for educating all pupils are the same: an acceptance of diversity, pupils’ rights, and the knowledge that all pupils can learn if they receive good teaching. One of the most impactful experiences for our learners with SEND (special educational needs and/or disabilities) is to have access to high quality, inclusive teaching. This means removing barriers to learning, getting to know and understand individual learners, and ultimately bringing the graduated approach to life. Preparation for Adulthood is key.

The practical reality of classroom teaching is that creating an inclusive classroom environment, implementing reasonable adjustments while planning to meet the needs of our learners is as much about a mind-set as it is about a skillset.

Our SEND lens allows us to see a truth about the effectiveness of our provision for pupils with SEND. Headteachers and senior teams will be guided by their SENCo, to deliver a SEND strategy that has demonstrable impact, ensuring that the strategies associated with creating a positive supportive environment, building a deep understanding of pupils and most importantly ensure access to high quality expert teaching that are complemented by carefully selected small group and one-to-one interventions. Our curriculum lens further asks what they will need to prepare them for adulthood so that teachers and leaders understand the big picture.

Ultimately our inclusive mind set pervades all aspects of our decision making and our aspiration to provide the best quality teaching for learners with SEND. Our ambitious inclusive provision is a key measure for our academies and Trust.


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