Chair of Trustees Blog





On 1st September, I took over as chair of the trust board at Cheshire Academies Trust. The founding chair, Harry Ziman, led the trust from an idea through to creation, and for its first four years, and I am delighted that he has agreed to remain as a trustee.

I have been a trustee at Cheshire Academies Trust for just over a year, and have been a school governor since 2009 in maintained schools and academies, both primary and secondary. I am a freelance governance consultant, working with the National Governance Association, and the chair of the Cheshire West Governance Association.

For the last two years, I have been chair of the local governing body at Boughton Heath Academy. The chairs of the local governing bodies work together, both through formal chairs’ meetings, and also informally. I have really enjoyed these meetings and benefited from collaboration with the other chairs. I have left the local governing body at Boughton Heath in order to take up this new position, and coincidentally, the chairs of Mill View and Kelsall schools have also moved on this year. I would like to thank Maura Connolly and Nick Ankers for their service and leadership to the schools over many years. The local governing body at Mill View will now be chaired by Stephen Webb, at Kelsall by Martin Little, and at Boughton Heath by Kate Lee. The role of chair carries considerable extra responsibility over and above the substantial commitment already made by our governors, and I am very grateful to each of these governors for stepping forward.

On 1st August, we were delighted to welcome Bexton Primary School into our multi-academy trust. They are the first school to join the trust since our creation in 2015, and are an excellent match with our existing schools in terms of ethos and vision. We are looking forward to working with them and learning from them. Bexton have been collaborating with our trust for more than a year. From a governance point of view, they have sent governors to our trust board meeting and our chairs’ meeting, as well as working with us on due diligence activities to help both parties to make an informed decision about formalising our partnership. We have found them to be astute and confident governors, a viewpoint clearly shared by the National Governance Association as they were recently runners up in their Outstanding Governance Awards.

The support and challenge offered by governors and trustees helps our schools to provide the best possible education and care for the children in the trust, and I would like to thank them for the time and effort that they give to our schools.

Janet Myers, Chair of Trustees